Wanted: Great Ideas for Family Programs

4-72-FamilyFunDay_HidePaintingWhat are some of your favorite memories of visiting museums when you were a child? What do your own children remember from your family’s trips? What makes families want to come back to a museum? How can we be more family friendly?

Those are some of the questions we’ve been asking ourselves lately. Now we want you to join the conversation.

Growing out of a chat between Director Andrew Wulf and Educator Melanie LaBorwit about the kinds of cultural activities each of them enjoy with their children, we recently launched a new committee. We wanted experts on family fun, so turned first to staffers who just so happen to be parents. With them, we’re sharing individual experiences with children in museums.

LaBorwit leads the monthly meetings, seeking ideas and ways to flesh out new family initiatives. Among our goals is developing new interactive spaces where people of all ages can learn together and creatively enjoy the museum.

Look for a launch of our summer camp, Time Trekkers, coming up soon with hands-on projects and fun activities. Registration will open this spring. Also, join us every third Sunday of every month for free, hands-on Families Make History workshops.

For more information or to share your ideas for family programs, contact LaBorwit at Melanie.Laborwit@state.nm.us or 505-476-5044.