Smart Girls Know: This Museum Rocks

Girls inc girls learn about camera obscuraSince February, Friday afternoons have been enlivened by the weekly presence of young girls interested in learning more about the technical aspects of the Poetics of Light exhibit and the imagery in the Painting the Divine exhibit. Museum educators paired with Santa Fe’s Girls Inc. program to devise a new after-school program set to be repeated this month.

In a series of visits with girls of different ages, the educators took them into the exhibits and then to the classroom, engaging them with hands-on projects. The 11- and 12-year-old girls made heliographs using photosensitive fabric paints, while the 9- and 10-year-old group made cyanotypes. Eight year olds made camera obscura tubes and the really, really young ones learned about light-and-dark by crafting silhouettes.

“Everyone toured the Poetics of Light exhibition and got really excited about photography,” said Educator Melanie LaBorwit.

Participation varied from nine to 15 girls per week—a total that could grow as the program moves forward.

“This is a pilot program, and we are definitely thinking about continuing it,” LaBorwit said. “We have developed a good working relationship with Girls Inc.”

The Girls Inc. organization is dedicated to offering programs for girls that inspire them to be smart, strong and bold.